Riviera Maya extends among the Caribean coast, at the East of Yucatán Peninsula. Comes across from Puerto Morelos to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

In what used to be a fisherman’s town, today stands a touristic corridor, offering luxury hotels and resorts.
You are going to be able to find first class restaurants, places to live the greatest nightlife, exclusive spas, shopping centers, and golf courses.
This corridor is, without a doubt, one of the best holiday destinies worldwide.

It has some of the most beautiful and extensive beaches of Mexico, most famous for their white and thin sand, touched by the Caribean blue. Spend the day at a luxury beach club, where you’ll be able to swim, tan, practice water sports, or enjoy the spa’s services.

Riviera Maya is one of the best destinations to practice scuba diving and snorkel.
Among its coasts settles an extensive coral reef, home for a great variety of sea species.

The sea is not the only place to practice water activities. You could visit the zone cenotes, which are natural pools formed by the subterranean rivers. The experience of exploring and swimming in crystalline water would never be erased from your memories.

About ecotourism, Riviera Maya resembles for its environmental protection politics. Eco-parks offer a great variety of natural and cultural wonders of the Riviera Maya, in wich you will find activities for all ages and tastes.

Riviera Maya is a destiny that would put you in contact with the cultural riches of Mexico. The traditional “temazcal” is an example of that, the prehispanic version of vapor baths. Many of the hotels and luxury spas have one for their guests.
To get involved in the history, you can explore the magic mayan world in the antique cities of Tulum, Coba and El Rey.

If you are a traveler with spirit for adventure, you can visit the mayan villages, around the region. There you can taste the prehispanic dishes, witness religious rituals, and get to know the fascinating mayan culture.

Subaquatic world lovers could not stop visiting Cozumel. To get to the island, you’ll just have to take a ferry from Playa del Carmen. Its crystalline coasts are ideal to practice snorkel, scuba diving and an extensive variety of water sports.