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Top 5 Places To Eat In Tulum

Tulum, located in the state of Quintana Roo, is one of the great tourist jewels of the Mexican Caribbean. The crystalline turquoise waters make this area one of the most popular among travelers. But its gastronomic offer is also one of the great protagonists.

So, if you are looking for the best restaurants to eat in Tulum, you have come to the right place, because here we have put our hands to work to recommend to you the most fascinating places in Tulum's gastronomic scene.

Many of the following places to eat in Tulum are close to archaeological ruins and other important tourist attractions. You will notice that this is a region in full economic growth with great potential for real estate investment.

In fact, Tulum combines a Caribbean resort atmosphere with a place to retire or enjoy as a second vacation home. The construction of beautiful apartments and houses is growing steadily, making it a great attraction for real estate investors and generating capital gains.

What are the best restaurants to eat in Tulum?

Let's see now our Top 5 of the best places to enjoy a delicious meal in Tulum:

Campanella Cremerie

First of all, we recommend you to visit "Campanella Cremerie". This is a place to eat in Tulum Pueblo and Aldea Zama perfect for those who want to have a delicious breakfast or lunch at a good price. So, if having a steaming coffee is part of your day, this is the place for you.

In addition, Campanella Cremerie offers creamy ice cream, delicious waffles and sandwiches. Their ice creams are very popular in the area as they combine incredible flavors such as crunchy banana or pistachio.

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

If you are looking for a place to eat with a much closer atmosphere to the local people, you will surely enjoy a delicious lunch at "Antojitos la chiapaneca" in Tulum Pueblo.

Traditional and popular foods such as tacos, Yucatecan snacks, including salbutes and panuchos are abundant here, and also the best. We recommend you try the famous tacos al pastor, horchata and tostadas. It is important to note that they only accept cash payments, and diners enjoy their food in a standing room.

Safari Comedor Zamá

Safari Comedor Zamá is a nice restaurant for those who want to invest a little extra money. It is located just outside of Tulum Pueblo in Aldea Zama, practically next to the jungle.

This beautiful restaurant combines exotic flavors with the natural ambiance of the area. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner from a varied menu. Be sure to try the Mexican tostada with roasted avocados in tortillas and homemade salsa, one of the best dishes!

Loco Tulum

Located in Tulum's hotel zone, Loco Tulum is an iconic place with excellent food and a relaxed dining atmosphere. With a Mediterranean style, seafood and grills, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy gastronomic style.

Also, the ambiance matches very well with its Mediterranean dishes, and its menu is created by the famous chef Idan Lifshitz. You will also be well served by an attentive and friendly staff throughout your stay.

La Hoja Verde

Finally, we recommend eating at La Hoja Verde. This restaurant is high-end, and if you can treat yourself to a meal here, you won't regret it. It is a great gastronomic alternative for the vegan public and those who wish to eat healthy.

In fact, if there is one thing that characterizes this restaurant, it is that it has its own vegetable and herb garden on the outskirts of Tulum Pueblo, which makes it an environmentally sustainable option. Here, you'll find Mexican food with French-influenced techniques using fresh local ingredients - don't miss their unique 4-course harvest menu!

Tulum is home to many archaeological wonders, beautiful beaches, and amazing gastronomy. One of the many reasons to invest in this paradise we are lucky to call home.

If you are looking to buy a studio, home, or condo within Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, or Cancun, please give us a call by going to our contact page or reaching us through Social Media.

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