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Looking to get financed on your next Real Estate Investment purchase within Mexico? If you're a "Foreigner" there are options available to get financed once approved. Use our form below in order to see if you qualify for financing.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Currently, Global Mortgage (MoXi) offers competitively priced mortgage loans from $250,000 - $ 2.5 million US Dollars on residential property in Mexico up to 65% of the appraised value of the property (Loan-to-Value - “LTV”) to qualified individuals.

For example: For a USD $750,000 home, the maximum loan amount would be USD $487,500.

What Are Property Taxes?

Property taxes in Mexico are usually considerably less than the US. Taxes are based on the tax assessed value of your property and the municipality governing the location of the property. Many clients find that property taxes in Mexico are a tiny fraction of that which they are accustomed to paying in many US States.

Is My Property The Banks?

No, property held in trust or Fideicomiso by a trustee bank is not an asset of the bank. If the bank goes into financial difficulty, the property is simply transferred to another trustee bank. These laws are federally imposed. This said, MoXi carefully selects its partner financial institutions who hold client’s fideicomisos and MoXi monitors fideicomiso renewals annually as part of loan servicing activities.

Can We Finance Construction?

At this time, Global Mortgage (MoXi) only finances completed, habitable residential property. This includes condos, Single Family residences, 2-4 unit residential properties, and occasionally mixed use properties where 50% or more of the a/c square footage is residential.

Do I Pay Taxes When I Sell?

Since the real property is located in Mexico, Mexican law deems the source of income to be located within its jurisdiction, making it subject to taxation - typically on any capital gain - by Mexico. This is consistent with tax practice and legislation around the world.

What Is A Trust?

The Mexican bank, or Trustee Bank, takes instruction only from the Beneficiary of the trust (the buyer). The beneficiary has the right to use, occupy, build upon, improve, lease and possess the property. The beneficiary may also instruct the Trustee to transfer the rights to another qualified buyer or bequeath the property to an inheritor. The initial term of the trust is 50 years; however the trust can be renewed for additional periods of 50 years indefinitely, providing for long-term control of the asset. MoXi handles all aspects of the setup for the bank's trust as part of the loan process. Even if the mortgage is paid off, the trust continues until extinguished or renewed.

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